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These examples are for selfstudy.

All depicted messages and procedures are generated by NG40. The NG40 platform is under constant validation in various network equipment manufacturer labs. NG40 interoperability is proven by demonstration of equivalence. With NG40 it is also possible to simulate other messages, procedures and even entire network nodes.

Feel free to contact ng4T in case you require more information about NG40 features and capabilities.

Prerequisite: Wireshark 1.8.5 or higher
Hint: If Wireshark does not display / decode all messages correctly then check your Wireshark settings under Edit -> Preferences -> Protocols

4G Procedures

eNodeB Setup


Authentication after successful resynchronization


Unsuccessful attach with EMM error code: IMSI unknown in HSS


Initial Context Setup


Session Activation


Tracking Area Update


Inter-MME Handover


Mobile Originated CS Fallback (Idle Mode) from eNodeB to Home_NodeB after Combined EPC/IMSI Attach


LTE VoIP Call including authentication, bearer context setup, SIP inband signaling and bearer context release


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