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Voice of the Customer
Ravinder Lohia -Product Manager
Nokia | Malaysia


“With NG40-EPC-S1-FT, we successfully demonstrated TD VoLTE call and other related test cases to our customer. For Trial/POC/Demo of new a technology, when you don’t want many servers and racks to be delivered, installed and commissioned, you want to avoid delays in logistics and you want to save resources, cost and time, NG40 is the best option.”

Paul Mullett -Operations Support System TDA
Telefónica | United Kingdom


"One of the key requirements in Telefónica UK is to use our automation tools to pro-actively monitor and report the performance and availability of APN's that we provision for our customers. We've recently introduced the NG40 RAN probe within our CASAM Test Solution and seen a significant improvement in the performance and stability of this area - it's delivered a robust positive transaction output and allows us to measure and to meet KPI's for our Service Management and Network Management Center teams"

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NG40 RAN probe

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