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SMS Load Generation

SMS Load Generation
SMS over Gb / IuCS / IuPS SMS over S1

The NG40 Core Network Emulator provides the functionality of a Short-Message-Service Center. Aim of this emulation is SMS injection into the RAN (GERAN/UTRAN/eUTRAN) subsystem. For conveniance and test bed simplification, all generated short messages will be delivered directly to the borders of the Radio Access Network (see SMS Injection Points above).

NG40 generates up to 15.000 SMS/sec for up to 2 million mobile subscribers.

The supported protocol stacks for SMS generation are depicted at the diagram below:

Protocl Stack
NG40-CN-SMS product features
  • Supported interfaces: Gb, IuCS, IuPS, S1
  • SMS support acc. to 3GPP TS23.040
  • NAS / RANAP / SMS Interworking
  • Forward MO SMS
  • Forward MT SMS
  • 15.000 SMS/sec
  • 2.000.000 emulated mobile subscribers
  • SMS embedded in a real-world context (details see below)
  • Concurrent SMS generation and error intrusion (details see below)
SMS delivery to UE at any state
  • Idle Mode
  • Attached
  • PDP Context Activated
  • Data Transfer
  • Circuit Switched Call
  • Handover
  • Routing Area Update
  • Tracking Area Update
Error Intrusion
  • Relocation Failure
  • Relocation Preparation Failure
  • Relocation Cancel
  • RAB assignment Failure
  • Routing Area Update Reject
  • Location Area Update Reject
  • Service Reject
  • PDPC Activation Reject
  • 2nd PDPC Activation Reject

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