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Our customers
Network Equipment Manufacturers

...better network nodes faster...

The NG40 Network Emulator contains a broad range of pre-defined test cases, including Control Plane/User Plane combined scenarios, Handover procedures and Error Injection. An in-built procedure generator makes time-consuming and error-prone test case programming / scripting obsolete. The NG40 tool chain eliminates unrealistic assumptions (user plane without control plane) and offers testing under real-world conditions. In comparison to traditional protocol testers:

  • Simple network parameter management
  • Fast and convenient test case modification
  • From a functional test to a load test scenario in few steps
  • Test case independent from underlying technology ( A test suite once developed for IuCS works for IuH also! )

...Less time for test case preparation / More time for test execution and test verification...

Network Operators and Service Providers

...smooth integration of new services...

Everyday network operators launch new services. NG40 is used for interoperability and regression testing. NG40 scalability and load capabilities enable additional areas like traffic prioritization and network optimization. NG40 is not only used in operator test labs but also for service assurance in operational networks.

Chipset Manufacturers

...reliable smartphones...

Chipset manufacturers worldwide use NG40 for protocol stack implementation as well as for power control, radio ressource management, mobility and call control verification.

Mobile Security and Forensics networks...

NG40 capacity and load tests help our customers to identify memory leaks and design flaws.

NG40 supports all major mobile authentication, ciphering and integrity protection mechanisms. Proprietary security procedures can be implemented as well. Doing so, NG40 is an ideal tool for "translating" mathematical security models into a protocol state machine and proving its robustness against various types of attacks.

Test and Measurement optimization and cell planning...

T&M manufacturers worldwide take advantage of NG40' countless features. Some vendors use NG40 for agile SW-development and in-house testing; others integrate NG40 into an overall T&M solution.

Universities and Research Institutes

...shaping the future...

NG40 is used in various research projects, like Software Defined Mobile Network Architectures, Traffic Analysis and Air Interface Enhancements.

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