next generation Telecommunication Technology Testing Tools
Company Profile

ng4T is the leading manufacturer of mobile network emulators, load & performance testers for:

  • Protocol stack verification for smartphones and chipsets
  • Femto cells and makro cells
  • Core network verification
  • Network monitoring and DPI-engine verification
  • Mobile cloud vulnerability analysis
  • Network virtualization

ng4T accelerates your development and rollout process

ng4T tools and expertise reduce time-to-market and ensure a smooth integration of new network nodes and telecommunication services. ng4T is your partner for validation of network protocols and procedures including identity management, authentication and ciphering.

For a world in motion

ng4T offers state-of-the-art test solutions for the telecommunication industry. Our products are in operation in Asia, Europe and North America. The network emulator NG40 is a hardware independent product with unmatched scalability and performance:

  • from a laptop to a server cluster - network-in-the-box,
  • as cloud service - network-in-the-cloud or
  • as virtual machine - network virtualization.

Andreas Kallmann, CEO and co-founder

ng4T was founded in Berlin, Germany, end of 2009. Each of the seven founders brings in a proven track record of 20+ years in the telecommunication industry. The co-founders are worldwide recognized experts for 2G, 3G, LTE and LTE-A. Andreas adds experience in finance and management to the ng4T core team. He held various leading positions in multi-national companies. His last assignment was business unit controller of a test and measurement company. He managed multiple projects successfully: business area development, acquisitions and mergers. His in-depth business understanding allowed him to lead organizations through tough operational transitions. Andreas holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Munich, Germany.

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