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UE and eRAN verification with NG40-EPC
UE and eRAN test topology

The NG40-EPC test system provides fully 3GPP compliant S1 and S1-U interfaces. NG40-EPC works with eNBs (LTE Macro cells) and Home eNB's (LTE Femto cells). A build-in Home eNB Gateway for Home eNB aggregation and traffic tunneling is supported as well. Thus, user can choose between internal and external Home eNB Gateway or to omit it completely.

NG40-EPC has been designed for the following areas:

  • Functional Tests: eNB / UE protocol stack and message flow conformance
  • Load and Capacity: eRAN performance analysis and benchmarking
  • Packet Core Emulation: Practical demonstration of eNB's and UE's in show-rooms, during products trainings and exhibitions
  • Light-weight Network: Application development, IT-Security, Deep-packet inspection
value chain

NG40 is more than a 4G simulator:

Versatile testing tool due to the concurrent support of GPRS, UMTS and LTE procedures: Not only 4G Handovers, like Intra- and Inter-eNB handover, but also Fallback Scenarios can be verified. NG40 emulates up to 500 EPC with unique PLMN-ID; precondition for complex Roaming Tests.

IT-Security: Traffic generation including message distortion makes it possible to stimulate abnormal conditions like the presence of fraudulent subscribers or manipulated network nodes. NG40 supports virtually all cipher and integrity protection mechanisms as specified in 3GPP 33.401.

Application Development: With S1/Gi-Bridging any application server can be connected to the test system. This allows to verify what impact mobile conditions to the user application have.

NG40-EPC at a glance
  • Emulation of several MME's
  • Interworking (MME - SGW, SGW - PDN GW, PDN GW - PCRF)
  • SMS generation
  • Generation and injection of abnormal and malicious procedures
  • IPv4 / IPv6 traffic generation
  • Connectivity to external application server via S1/Gi-Bridging
Load capabilities
  • Scalable solution from laptop to high-end server
  • Tested on a Dual Intel Xeon 12-Core Server:
    • 500 EPC's
    • 4.500 eNB's
    • 4.000.000 UE's
    • 8.000.000 EPS-Bearers (PDPC)
    • 20.000 attach procedures/sec with real authentication and default bearer creation
    • 200.000 S1-AP messages/sec
  • Can be extended with licenses for additional scenarios
Security Functions
  • Authentication (XOR, Milenage)
  • Resync after SQN-reset
  • Integrity protection UMTS: UIA1 (Kasumi), UIA2 (SNOW 3G)
  • Integrity protection LTE: EIA1 (SNOW 3G), EIA2 (AES), EIA3 (ZUC)
  • Ciphering UMTS: UEA0, UEA1 (Kasumi), UEA2 (SNOW 3G)
  • Ciphering LTE: EEA0, EEA1 (SNOW 3G), EEA2 (AES), EEA3 (ZUC)
Mobility Functions
  • Paging, Attach, Detach
  • Tracking Area Update
  • Service Request, S1-Release
  • NAS piggyback
  • Pathswitch
  • 4G handovers between adjacent cells
  • 3G/4G packet switched handover
  • Intersystem handover and CS fallback
Session Functions
  • Default bearer creation, modification, deletion (UE and network initiated)
  • Dedicated bearer creation, modification, deletion (UE and network initiated)
  • Up to 11 simultaneous bearers / sessions per UE
  • Traffic routing according to TFT settings
  • Mobile-Mobile voice calls

ng4T offers these and other advanced solutions for RAN testing.

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